Case Factory Sealed

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Heroes & Villains Factory Sealed 12 Box CASE and DS9

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Heroes & Villains Factory Sealed 12 Box CASE and DS9

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Heroes & Villains Factory Sealed 12 Box CASE and DS9

STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE HEROES & VILLAINS TRADING CARDS FACTORY SEALED CASE. One FACTORY sealed case, which contains 12 factory sealed boxes, each with 24 sealed packs, 5 cards per pack. Each factory sealed box contains 3 authentic, hand-signed autograph cards, one metal parallel base card, one complete base set, and several great inserts! Also look for randomly inserted hand-drawn and colored sketch cards (approximately 1 per case; see images in the listing for examples of what you could find), Niners Patch cards, Archive Cut comic cards, a display panel prop relic, and more! This case will also include an exclusive case topper card!

PLEASE NOTE: Rittenhouse Archives increased the price of this product by 20% above what their boxes/cases are normally priced. Therefore, the price being charged by dealers has also had to increase by 20% as well. SET CHECKLIST AS OF 2/24/18. » 100 Base Cards » 100 Metal Parallel Base Set (1:24 packs) » 36 Rules of Acquisition Cards (1:8 packs) » 18 Deep Space Nine Relationships Cards (1:144 packs) » 9 Aliens of Star Trek Deep Space Nine Cards (1:24 packs) » 9 Ships of the Line Cards (1:48 packs) » 7 DVD Character Cover Art Cards (1:48 packs) » DVD Character Cover Art Metal Parallel Cards (1:288 packs) » 12 "Niners" Basebll Patch Cards (1:144 packs) » 15 Deep Space Nine Comic Cut Cards (1:144 packs) » Routines and Duty Roster Display Panel Relic Card (1:288 packs) » 2 Communicator Pin Cards (1:864 packs) » 73 Autograph Cards (1:8 packs), including: Avery Brooks as Captain Sisko (Silver Signature Series) (Very Limited) Alexander Siddig as Dr.

Julian Bashir (Silver Signature Series) (Extremely Limited) Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys (Silver Signature Series) (Extremely Limited) Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax (Silver Signature Series) (Extremely Limited) Armin Shimerman as Quark (Silver Signature Series) (Extremely Limited) Michael Dorn as Lt. Worf (Silver Signature Series) (Extremely Limited) Rene Auberjonois as Odo (Silver Signature Series) (Extremely Limited) Chase Masterson as Leeta (Extremely Limited) Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Detective Preston (Extremely Limited) Andrew Robinson as Elim Garak (Extremely Limited) Wendy Robie as Ulani Belor (Extremely Limited) Bill Mumy as Kellin (Extremely Limited) Iggy Pop as Yelgrun (Extremely Limited) Felecia Bell as Jennifer Sisko (Extremely Limited) Marc Alaimo as Gul Dukat (Extremely Limited) Marc Alaimo as Anjohl Tennan (Extremely Limited) Deborah Lacey as Sarah Sisko (Extremely Limited) Vanessa Williams as Arandis (Extremely Limited) Max Grodenchik as Rom (Extremely Limited) Helene Udy as Pel (Very Limited) Jill Jacobson as Chalan Aroya (Very Limited) Wayne Grace as Cardassian Legate (Very Limited) Melanie Smith as Tora Ziyal (Very Limited) James Sloyan as Mora Pol (Very Limited) Tracy Scoggins as Gilora Rejal (Very Limited) Molly Hagan as Eris (Very Limited) Joel Swetow as Gul Jasad (Very Limited) Annette Helde as Karina (Very Limited) Fionnula Flanagan as Enina Tandro (Very Limited) Brett Cullen as Deral (Very Limited) Kaitlin Hopkins as Kilana (Very Limited) Stephen Macht as General Krim (Very Limited) Felecia Bell as Mirror Jennifer Sisko (Very Limited) Bernie Casey as Lt. Commander Calvin Hudson (Very Limited) Steven Weber as Colonel Day Kannu (Very Limited) Bertila Damas as Sakonna (Very Limited) Heidi Swedberg as Rekelen (Very Limited) Joseph Culp as Raimus (Very Limited) Harris Yulin as Aamin Marritza (Very Limited) Salome Jens as Female Changeling (Very Limited) Dick Miller as Vin (Very Limited) Daphne Ashbrook as Melora Pazlar (Very Limited) Barbara Bosson as Roana (Very Limited) Camille Saviola as Kai Opaka (Very Limited) Wallace Shawn as Grand Negus Zek (Very Limited) Deirdre L. Watley (Very Limited) Cyia Batten as Tora Ziyal (Very Limited) Courtney Peldon as Karen Farris (Very Limited) Hilary Shepard as Hoya (Very Limited) Hilary Shepard as Lauren (Very Limited) Bridget Ann White as Larell (Very Limited) Shannon Cochran as Sirella (Very Limited) Michael Canavan as Tamal (Very Limited) Susan Bay Nimoy as Admiral Rollman (Very Limited) Andrea Martin as Ishka (Wormhole Design) (Limited) Susanna Thompson as Dr.

Lenara Kahn (Wormhole Design) (Limited) Leland Crooke as Gelnon (Limited) Bill Smitrovich as Michael Webb (Limited) Jim Metzler as Chris Brynner (Limited) Galyn Gorg as Korena Sisko (Limited) Patricia Tallman as Defiant Tactical Officer (Limited) Paul Popowich as Captain Tim Watters (Limited) Julie Caitlin Brown as Ty Kajara (Limited) Charlie Brill as Arne Darvin (Limited) Mark Allen Shepherd as Morn (Limited) Shannon Cochran as Kalita (Limited) Shimerman/Shawn as Quark/Grand Nagus Zek (Dual Autograph) (Very Limited) Shimerman/Grodenchik as Quark/Rom (Dual Autograph) (Extremely Limited) Visitor/Auberjonois as Kira/Odo (Dual Autograph) (Extremely Limited) Masterson/Grodenchik as Leeta/Rom (Dual Autograph) (Extremely Limited) Robie/Scoggins as Gilora Rejal/Ulani Belor (Dual Autograph) (Very Limited) Wendy Robie as Ulani Belor (Dual Autograph) (Very Limited) Cochran/Canavan as Kalita/Tamal (Dual Autograph) (Very Limited) » 26 Sketch Cards (1:288 packs) » Martineck "Rules of Acquisition" Original Art Sketch Cards (1:2304 packs). We have been in this business for over 18 years!

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Please be aware of your country's import laws prior to purchasing from us. 9 Item Condition : In general, all items we sell are in mint/near mint condition and any exception to that will be clearly noted in the listing description. By "mint" or "near mint" condition we are referring to the condition of the actual card i. Free of dents, dings, scratches, or other defects caused by mishandling. We are NOT referring to printer defects such as offset images, hand-signed autographs that run off the edge of the card, poor quality signatures, or any other similar issue that occured at the factory/printer. PLEASE NOTE THAT UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, ANY IMAGES SHOWN ARE STOCK PHOTOS REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CARD/ITEM FOR SALE AND NOT AN IMAGE OF THE ACTUAL CARD YOU WILL RECIEVE. The common exception to that is PRE-SALE items, which will be clearly noted in the description above. ABOUT BUSHKILL CARDS AND GAMES. Bushkill Cards and Games has been operating since 1997, first under the name Picard's Grand Auctions and then our new name in 2004 when we moved to the Bushkill Township-Nazareth area. And yes, we are named after a geographical place and not politically or otherwise oriented! In 2006, we added Star Trek trading card products by Rittenhouse Archives to our catalog. We continued to grow and expanded our catalog to ALL of Rittenhouse Archives products, becoming an authorized distributor for that company. Finally in 2011 we opened a brick and mortar retail location in Wind Gap PA (Northern end of the Lehigh Valley). We keep most of the current Rittenhouse products in stock in the form of sealed packs, boxes, singles, and sets. We have also begun stocking Magic The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast and Topps sports and entertainment products. We price the products we sell as competitively as possible.

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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Heroes & Villains Factory Sealed 12 Box CASE and DS9